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Hey There! 

 Welcome to Boho Wildflower(B.W)!

My name is LaShae Baugh the founder of B.W.

I am a plus-size Boho girl, born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. I currently reside in New York City. I am a dreamer, positive thinker, motivational speaker, and a creative soul. ​​​​​​


I am glad you are here to join me on my Adventure!


A little more about me

 In addition to my Boho lifestyle I am a Christian, vegan and lover of all things natural and plant-based. A huge passion of mine is writing poetry. My Poetry name is Purity, which is all about striving to be pure in mind, body and spirit. 

As a Blogger, I have the privilege to share my positivity, Bohemian style, and veganism with you.

Always remember to love yourself for who you are

and do not be afraid to stand out.

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